frequently asked questions

Last updated Feburary 18, 2020

About Taki™


What is Taki™?

Taki™ is a new platform where you can request a celebrity - actors, content creators, gamers, athletes, and more - to deliver a custom video message to friends, family members, or even yourself!

What types of video messages can I request on Taki?

A Taki video is a great way to celebrate anything from a special occasion to raising someone’s spirits. Make a birthday extra special. Have a celeb announce a baby to your in-laws (imagine your mother-in-law’s face). Give a special congratulations to a graduate or bride and groom. Inspire a friend with a surprise hello from their favorite celeb. Heck, give yourself one just because!

How do I contact Taki?

We’re here to help! If you are having an issue making or completing a transaction, please send us a customer support request by clicking Contact Support below.

Buying a Taki


How do I buy a Taki?

To buy a Taki video, select a celeb from on our website. Once you’re ready to buy, click Book Now to open the order form. Complete as follows:

  • This video is for: Type the recipient’s name. The celeb will say this name during video recording.
  • Email address: Type the email address of the person who should receive the completed video. This should be 1) the person buying the video who will then send it to the intended recipient, or 2) the intended recipient. If 2, the person buying the video will not get a notification from Taki that the video has been delivered, but the buyer will receive a receipt for the completed transaction after the video has been delivered..
  • Creator Instructions: Type the message you want the celeb to deliver to the intended recipient. You should add as much information as possible to help your selected celeb deliver the best message possible. You can include information such as what the purpose is (e.g., birthday, anniversary, etc), qualities of the recipient, and anything else you think would make for a great message.

Is there anything I should keep in mind when making a request?

Please keep the following in mind:

  • A Taki may take up to 7 days to be delivered.
  • Creator has the right to cancel any request. Be mindful of the language/content in your request as this may affect the talent’s decision to accept your request.

How much does a Taki cost?

Each celeb sets their own price. While a celeb may change their pricing at any time, your price is locked in at the time of purchase.

How/When will I be charged for my Taki video purchase?

When you purchase a Taki video, your purchase is held as an authorization against your payment card until the Taki video is delivered. After the Taki video is delivered, the payment will be fully charged to your payment card. If the Taki video request is canceled due to decline or expiration, the authorized charge will be released and removed from your payment card transaction history.

Can I update my Taki video request after I already booked?

At this time, you will not be able to update an existing Taki video request with new information; this will be available in a future update. As a workaround, you can cancel and resubmit your Taki video request prior to completion by the creator.

Watching your Taki Video


How will I be notified when my Taki video request has been completed?

When the Taki request has been completed, an email with the completed video will be sent to the Email Address provided in the Taki booking request form. Open the email and click the Watch Video link to watch the video. The video will play in your default web browser.

Can I download my Taki video?

Yes, you can download your video. After opening the video and watching it, look in the bottom right corner of the video player, and click the 3 dot icon to open the options menu. Select Download to download the video to your local device in MP4 format.

Can I share my Taki video?

Yes! We love people who share their Taki videos and reactions to receiving them. We’ll be looking for reactions and shares and sharing via our own communications.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for proper use of Taki videos.

Creators on Taki


How can I join Taki as a creator?

We are currently inviting creators directly to Taki.

We’re always looking for celebs who have engaged fan bases/communities. You can request to be considered for Taki by sending an email to Please provide your Twitter and/or Instagram account name and any other pertinent information you wish to provide. If we are interested in moving forward, we will respond to your email with a request to connect on Twitter or Instagram to verify you.

Why join Taki?

Taki is a great way to connect with your fans during your down time. A Taki video takes just a couple of minutes to complete. You can squeeze a Taki video request in from the comfort of your home, while on a walk, or perhaps when you’re “backstage,” wherever that stage may be. Perhaps best of all, since you’re putting in all the time and effort, you keep 95.5% of every Taki you complete!

Who determines the price of a Taki?

You do! You set and can change the price for your Taki video requests at any time.

What are the transaction fee splits for each Taki video?

At Taki, we split the transaction fee for each Taki video in a way that reflects our mission: to enable creators to be entrepreneurs and business owners who can earn more from their brands. We’re building a community to do just that, which is why we don’t take any revenue from the transaction fees.

Below is the current breakdown of how we allocate fees collected from each Taki video:

  • 95.5% cash, paid directly to the creator
  • 4.5% to cover payment processing fees

Do you have a vacation/time off feature?

Please contact Customer Support if you will be offline for an extended period of time.